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Published 23 October 2017 | A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

Joining the Fray

A New A Game of Thrones: The Card Game FAQ Is Now Available

The latest version of the A Game of Thrones: The Card Game FAQ is now online! This update contains the usual streamlined rules, clarifications, new questions, and other minor changes that come with refining the rules. In addition, today’s update introduces a restricted list for the Melee variant. Players who enjoy Melee should ensure they read the list before building a deck for their next event! Learn why and how the restricted list was implemented from the developers in the paragraphs below, and then download the new FAQ to see all the changes for yourself!

Click on the image above to see the new FAQ. This update goes into effect 10/31/2017.

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Developer Daniel Schaefer

The new FAQ update for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game introduces a restricted list for the Melee format, along with its usual clarifications and other improvements. As this is the first time cards have been restricted in A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition, I’d like to briefly discuss the rationale behind the the list.

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, a restricted list is a development tool that allows us to better control an evolving metagame by placing an opportunity cost on individual cards. By selecting one card on the list, a player passes on the opportunity to include any other card on the list in his or her deck. We chose cards for the list for a variety of reasons: to break up overpowered combinations, to reduce a card’s frequency in an environment, or to help the metagame evolve by restricting a couple key elements of a dominant decktype. Using this type of list allows the metagame to be influenced by the development team with a little more surgical precision than some of the other options that could be employed, such as bans or errata, and a well-maintained restricted list allows players to still play with their favorite cards—they just have to make some sacrifices elsewhere in the deck to do so.

So why are we starting with Melee? The nature of Melee often steers players toward rush decks, designed to accumulate power as quickly as possible. While such decks are part of a healthy metagame, and the cards that are combined in these decks are reasonable candidates in the Joust game, the existing card pool made them too powerful in Melee, creating a format where games often ended very quickly with limited opportunity for interaction. The power level of these decks also hurt the diversity of the format, strengthening those factions that were capable of racing effectively while making more controlling factions extremely weak. The prevalence of several neutral power-gain cards further contributed to the lack of diversity, resulting in top decks that often felt very similar to one another.

With that in mind, the restricted list is being implemented with the goal of slowing the Melee format while increasing deck diversity. To that end, the list contains several neutral cards that enabled fast wins and were becoming near-ubiquitous in top decks. Also restricted are some of the most powerful in-faction cards that slot easily into rush decks, including two cards each from Greyjoy, Stark, and Tyrell and one card each from Targaryen and Lannister. With Baratheon, Martell, and Night’s Watch currently lagging behind in Melee, no cards are restricted in those factions. These restrictions should help level the playing field, opening up new deck building possibilities and offering a wider variety of viable archetypes. Going forward, we’ll continue to monitor the metagame and make adjustments to the restricted list as needed to ensure a healthy environment.

We apologize for the short notice this FAQ update gives to players attending the World Championship, especially those attending the Melee side event on November 4th. While we try to give players as much advanced notice as possible when making significant changes—such as the new restricted list—we felt this update would significantly improve the experience for competitors at this prominent event.

Download the new A Game of Thrones: The Card Game FAQ  now to read the entire update before it goes into effect on October 31st. If you're planning on playing in a Melee event, make sure to read the restricted list so you're fully prepared! Players attending an event before October 31st can still find the previous FAQ on the A Game of Thrones: The Card Game page.

As always, game rules, tournament regulations, and other support materials for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game can be found on our A Game of Thrones: The Card Game page.

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Climbing the Corporate Ladder

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Published 23 October 2017 | Android: Netrunner LCG

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

2016 World Champion Chris Dyer on the Future of Android: Netrunner

It's a bold new age for Android: Netrunner. Rotation, the Revised Core Set, and the new Most Wanted List (pdf, 5.8 MB) have altered the landscape faster than the Weyland Consortium's redevelopment efforts.

Many of the world's most notorious cybercriminals have gone missing. The Big Four megacorps have completely disbanded some of their oldest and most well-established divisions. And there are sysops who speak in hushed tones about the hostile alien AI rumored to be stalking the Net.

This is a day with no clear hierarchy of power. It calls for clear-headed thought, for creative vision, and for action. After all, today's uncertainty is the backdrop of tomorrow's most fantastic successes. Some executive is going to see through the day's confusion and back an agenda that establishes his or her corp as the one to beat. With that in mind—and as we look forward to the 2017 Android: Netrunner World Championships—we have decided to hire 2016 World Champion Chris Dyer as our consultant. In our last look at Android: Netrunner and the Revised Core Set, Chris profiled the game's Runners, and today, he'll help us figure out how to position our Corp amid the changes to the world and the Net.


2016 World Champion Chris Dyer on the Future of Android: Netrunner

What will we see at the 2017 Worlds? The honest—and exciting—answer is that nobody knows. People have a relatively short amount of time to test and there’s no existing data to draw upon.

In general, though, I think Shapers are the Runner faction to beat and will make up the largest portion of the field, although I’d expect their decks to be spread across a range of different identities. The Corporation side, on the other hand, is likely to be a bit closer, and all four factions stand a good chance of making the cut.

Chris Dyer with the trophy from his 2016 World Championship. You can watch his match on YouTube.


There have only ever been two really successful identities played out of Haas-Bioroid. One of those, Cerebral Imaging (Creation and Control, 1), was exclusively home to a variety of combo decks that will no longer exist because Accelerated Diagnostics has rotated out. Every other top-tier Haas-Bioroid deck since the Core Set was first released has been played out of Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future, which is unrivalled in its efficiency and economy. This fact led to a certain homogenization of the faction; when all the top decks are being played out of one identity, they tend to converge, even if they are pursuing broadly different strategies.

The most recent of those decks is built around the terrifying efficiency of Estelle Moon (Terminal Directive, 32) and has been dominating the competitive world for the past few months. That deck has rightfully been decimated by the Most Wanted List, with Clone Suffrage Movement and Friends in High Places removed and Estelle Moon and Fairchild 3.0 (Escalation, 49) both restricted. However, the core engine of that deck is so good that it might still live on, most likely played out of Cerebral Imaging using Violet Level Clearance (Quorum, 111) and Ultraviolet Clearance (Terminal Directive, 38) to provide quick and easy money and card draw.

In fact, that combination of Cerebral Imaging and Clearance operations looks like it's strong enough to support a range of decks, ranging from rush strategies, to threatening Punitive Counterstrike (Revised Core Set, 122), to taxing builds that use Bryan Stinson (Quorum, 117) and Sandburg (23 Seconds, 20). I expect Cerebral Imaging to be the new go-to identity for Haas-Bioroid players in the near future, and it’s likely to be well represented at Worlds.

Another positive for the faction is that the rotation of Yog.0 and Parasite means that ice like Fairchild 2.0 (Blood Money, 31) and Viktor 1.0 (Revised Core Set, 70)—which previously saw zero tournament play—are now much more appealing prospects and can charge the Runner a serious tax for a relatively small investment. It’s likely that decks like NEXT Design (Creation and Control, 3) or Haas-Bioroid: Architects of Tomorrow (Intervention, 72) will look to exploit ice like this in a rush-based strategy. This can be supplemented by using cards like Biotic Labor (Revised Core Set, 72) and MCA Austerity Policy (Crimson Dust, 111) to add a fast-advance element. However, these decks will also need to find a way to score past the expected popularity of Shapers who can play Clot (The Valley, 1) to shut down this line of attack.


Much like the Shapers on the Runner side, Jinteki appears to be the obvious winner of the brand-new meta. Key cards that were set to rotate out, such as Celebrity Gift (Revised Core Set, 89) and Ronin (Revised Core Set, 81), were preserved by the Revised Core Set, and they have the best defensive agenda suite in the game with The Future Perfect (Honor and Profit, 7), Obokata Protocol (Blood and Water, 70), and Nisei Mk II (Revised Core Set, 79). There’s just one problem, which is that they have always relied on Caprice Nisei to protect their servers, and she is an option that they will no longer have.

The other big benefit that the Revised Core Set has provided is the removal of Parasite, which makes Jinteki's very powerful, low-strength ice—such as Kakugo (Daedalus Complex, 13), Komainu (Honor and Profit, 17), and Yagura (Revised Core Set, 88)—much more likely to stick around. These ice present a serious tax to the runner while dealing or threatening net damage, and Jinteki seems most likely to achieve competitive success by doubling down on this core theme.

That focus on net damage is likely to come in one of two forms.

The first will be the latest iterations of the classic Jinteki shell game, which uses the threat of net damage and a myriad of face down servers to heap uncertainty upon the Runner, allowing Jinteki to either score agendas from the table or flatline the Runner with net damage if he or she makes a mistake. In the past, the strongest versions of these decks used Bio-Ethics Association (Democracy and Dogma, 50) and Hostile Infrastructure (All That Remains, 83) to stymie Runners, while protecting the assets with the Industrial Genomics identity (The Source, 105), but this style of deck was hit hard by the Most Wanted List with the restriction of key pieces in Bio-Ethics Association, Estelle Moon and Obokata Protocol. Instead Jinteki players will have to rely on the misdirection that has long characterised the faction, so expect decks built around cards like Mushin No Shin (Honor and Profit, 15) in either Personal Evolution (Revised Core Set, 77) or Potential Unleashed (Escalation, 54).

The second option is a more defensive build using either AgInfusion (Earth's Scion, 52) or Palana Foods (Business First, 30), which uses net damage ice and upgrades like Ben Musashi (Earth's Scion, 54) or Hokusai Grid (Revised Core Set, 92) to threaten the Runner’s hand size, thus making agendas like Obokata Protocol prohibitive to steal. Unfortunately, the second agenda that would have fit this build, Fetal AI, is no longer available post-rotation, but there still looks to be plenty of support for this approach. And both identities, particularly AgInfusion, also benefit from the restriction of Employee Strike (Data and Destiny, 53).

I expect Jinteki to be a popular pick for Worlds, with almost all of the decks using Obokata Protocol as their restricted card and using net damage tricks to make it hard to steal. These decks will be a real threat towards the end of the tournament, and are more than capable of winning the whole thing.


NBN had been at the top of the competitive world for a long time, but they have been in decline somewhat recently, with only Sync's combo kill deck still represented at top tables. That deck, and the kill decks that preceded it, however, no longer exist thanks to the removal of Breaking News from the Revised Core Set, so NBN will need to look for a new strategy going forward.

NBN has always been a faction defined by tag strategies with a smattering of fast advance, but those fast advance elements were so powerful that they came to dominate the competitive face of the faction. Cards like AstroScript Pilot Program, SanSan City Grid, and Breaking News shaped how the faction was played, and all of them have now been removed from the Revised Core Set. That means that the faction will be forced to fall back on its tagging heritage in the search for strong decks.

On the bright side, the Revised Core Set has saved several cards that would otherwise have rotated, such as Pop-up Window (Revised Core Set, 99), Wraparound (Revised Core Set, 101), and Bernice Mai (Revise Core Set, 107). Additionally, NBN has a good range of ice that includes News Hound (Data and Destiny, 14), IP Block (Martial Law, 94), Turnpike (Data and Destiny, 18), Data Raven (Revised Core Set, 97), Archangel (Data and Destiny, 13), and Resistor (Data and Destiny, 15). Still, the faction might lack the powerful threat cards that will force the Runner to brave these nasty servers before they’re ready.

If they can force the Runner to accumulate tags, then Psychographics (Revised Core Set, 104) and Project Beale (Revised Core Set, 94) are as powerful a closing combination as you will find. The other boon for NBN is that Aaron Marrón, a card which single-handedly shut down any tag-based strategy, has been removed by the Most Wanted List, once again allowing decks built around powerful tag punishment effects like Exchange of Information (The Liberated Mind, 92) and Closed Accounts (Revised Core Set, 103) to become playable options.

The strongest NBN deck looks like it might be a New Angeles Sol deck (Data and Destiny, 2) built around tagging and taxing ice. Almost every Runner deck seems like it will rely heavily on resources to power their economy and draw, which means that Scarcity of Resources (Escalation, 60) is as powerful as it’s ever been, and no deck is better suited to keeping it in play. Now that Aaron is gone and Employee Strike is restricted, we may also see the return of Controlling the Message (23 Seconds, 17), probably built around MCA Austerity Policy and the threat of Hard-Hitting News (23 Seconds, 16).

NBN are certainly a bit behind where they used to be, and it may take some time to get used to their decks now that some of their most iconic cards are removed. But I think they still have the pieces to support a few reasonably powerful builds. Like Anarch, I think that the World Championships might come a little too soon for them to truly compete at the highest level, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a smattering of NBN decks in and around the cut.

Weyland Consortium

For a long time Weyland have seen the least representation at tournaments, but their fortunes have changed. They have started to have an impact on the competitive scene, mostly due to powerful cards released in Terminal Directive and the Red Sand Cycle such as Audacity (Earth's Scion, 58), Hortum (Terminal Directive, 50), and Hunter Seeker (Terminal Directive, 51). Most of these decks are rush archetypes that try to score agendas quickly, then respond with Hunter Seeker or meat damage if the Runner manages to interfere with their plans.

Rotation was a worrying prospect because Project Atlas (Revised Core Set, 110), which is easily Weyland’s best agenda and is central to all of its best strategies, was due to rotate out, but it has now been included in the Revised Core Set. That gives Weyland an ideal agenda suite for rush strategies that also includes Oaktown Renovation (Chrome City, 58) and Hostile Takeover (Revised Core Set, 109), and as the other top cards for this strategy were only released recently, the current environment's competitive decks are virtually untouched by the new tournament rules. It’s likely that these decks, played out of either Titan Transnational (Order and Chaos, 3) or Skorpios Defense Systems (Terminal Directive, 41), will continue to be popular post-rotation. The only issue is that Shaper looks likely to be widely played, and with Film Critic (Old Hollywood, 86), Self-modifying Code (Creation and Control, 46) and easy, effective access to Clot, they have strong counters to many of the problems that Weyland's best decks tend to pose.

The other Weyland deck that has been competitive in the past is an asset-based approach played out of Gagarin Deep Space (Order and Chaos, 2), relying on the identity to protect powerful early effects such as Mumbad City Hall (Democracy and Dogma, 55) and Commercial Bankers Group (Democracy and Dogma, 54). These decks don’t try to score agendas, instead winning via flatline, so the retention of Hive (Revised Core Set, 118) gives them a perfect piece of ice. Even more relevant, the absence of Parasite means that Tour Guide (The Universe of Tomorrow, 118) becomes one of the very best ice in the game. However, the Most Wanted List came down hard on this deck, removing two key pieces in Mumbad City Hall and Friends in High Places and restricting others in Museum of History (Kala Ghoda, 119) and Global Food Initiative (Data and Destiny, 26). While this deck is probably still playable, I no longer think it’s strong enough to threaten the top tables of big tournaments.

What Will We See at Worlds?

I expect a fairly diverse environment, with more people likely to just play a deck that they enjoy, and maybe a few really left-field decks that people don’t see coming.

My best guess at the winner at this stage? It feels like throwing darts in the dark, but let’s say that Ele "Smoke" Scovak (Intervention, 66) and Cerebral Imaging will take the top spot. We won't really know until November 5th, but you can tune in to see if I’m right!

No Limit in Sight

It's a new dawn for Android: Netrunner, and there's no limit to what the Corps might accomplish. The sky's not the limit; the Beanstalk exploded that old limitation years ago. Luna's ripe for the picking, and Mars is becoming more hospitable every day. There's always the possibility that Jinteki may uncover a treatment to reverse the aging process, and even if they don't, Haas-Bioroid has been secretly making progress toward full transfers of consciousness. If they succeed, then even death itself may no longer hold sway over all humanity.

In this age, we see new decks emerging and old decks becoming viable once more. We see Android: Netrunner exploding with intricate bluffs and counterbluffs, as the Revised Core Set, rotation, and the new Most Wanted List have pushed the high-risk interactions between Runner and Corp to a new, all-time high.

What will we see at Worlds? There's no telling which deck may win, so we hope to see you at the 2017 Android: Netrunner World Championships, and if you cannot join us, we hope you'll enjoy the game via our streaming on Twitch!

Pre-order the Revised Core Set (ADN49) for Android: Netrunner at your local retailer or online through our website today!

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The Locusts Arise

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Published 23 October 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

The Locusts Arise

Previewing the Demons of the Uthuk Y'llan Army Expansion

"The weak have forgotten who we are. We were exiles, yes—but heirs, also. Heirs to Llovar, the greatest of us all. Now the Westmen, the Dhawc, and the Ylairc shall know the bite of Llovar’s locusts once more!"
   –Malaana, witch of the Blood Coven

Long ago, the world met darkness. Beneath red banners, horror gripped the land. Wandering, thirsty, and bloodied by rage, they swarmed the land like locust: mindless, hungry, and darkened by magic. They swallowed the land like pigs. Beneath red skies, cursed and terrible, the horrors of unseen, unheard, and undreamt were born. But that evil died out ages ago… didn’t it?

As the battle for Terrinoth continues, a fourth faction joins the fray with the Uthuk Y’llan Army Expansion! The demons of generations past have returned with this massive expansion that includes twenty-two miniatures for you to build your demonic army. Under the command of Ravos the Everhungry, who we examined in a previous preview, the Uthuk Y’llan Army Expansion offers sixteen Berserkers, four Flesh Rippers, and one Spined Thresher. Additionally, this expansion includes twelve upgrade cards to strengthen your Ynfernael forces and equip them to spill rivers of blood in your name. Today, Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to offer a closer look at the demons that fill the ranks of the Uthuk Y’llan army in Runewars Miniatures Game!


Surrendering to the darkness of the Ynfernael corrupts everyone, twisting the souls and bodies of those who would use its power. Unnatural growths erupt from beneath the skin and madness burns cruelty and bloodlust into the minds of those touched by its dark power. Thus is the fate of the Uthuk Y’llan. Many of these once-proud people of the steppes have become the shrieking Berserkers of the Uthuk army—howling demons stripped of all humanity as they rush into battle, desperate for the carnage promised by the theater of war.

The Berserkers' erratic speed and violent nature is reflected in their action dial. In addition to three blue march actions falling between initiatives three and six, the Berserkers have a white march one modifier that can be paired with any action, keeping them mobile amidst the chaos of battle.

The tribesmen of the steppes have no loyalty to a realm or to one another. They will readily sacrifice one of their own to increase their frenzy and enact their unit card ability. When participating in a melee, the Berserkers may choose to suffer a wound to gain Lethal 1 for the duration of the melee. However, if the Berserkers' ranks become too decreased, they will be unable to spread choas throughout the realm. Therefore, they may only use this abily twice per melee.

Flesh Rippers

Any who look into the glowing eyes of the Flesh Rippers know that death is soon to follow. Once one of these hell hounds has caught the scent of blood beating in the heart of its target, it will not give up the hunt until it has claimed the life of the damned. They answer only to their summoners, and at times even this is not enough to keep them from ripping their Uthuk handlers to shreds. When participating in a melee, these demonic cavalry units roll one red die and two blue dice—often equipping them with surges to unleash a new level of blood-fueled madness. The Flesh Rippers special ability states that they can spend multiple surges, dealing one damage to an engaged enemy unit for each surge spent. A bloodthirsty commander can even use the red action modifier on the Flesh Ripper’s command tool, which grants both a morale and a surge icon, to guarantee that their dark cavalry will deal at least one damage.

Apart from preparing them for battle, the Flesh Rippers’ command tool emphasizes the demons’ supernatural speed. It is heavy with actions and modifiers focused on marches, shifts, and reforms. At initiative five, the Flesh Rippers may tap into their link to the Ynfernael to perform a march action equal to the number of unstable energy runes in play. If the forces of darkness grant their favor, this may allow your Flesh Rippers to move at a speed of four, the highest in the game. Even if the runes cast on the battlefield fall against the Flesh Rippers, they possess a blue march two modifier that can be paired with any of other march actions. Simply put, for sheer speed the Flesh Rippers are unmatched by any creature found on the mortal plane.

Spined Threshers

The most difficult demons for the Uthuk’s blood witches to control are the fearsome Spined Threshers. These fiendish crabs are known to destroy entire martial units or tear down fortified towers single-handed, acting separately from their Uthuk allies, but still inflicting massive amounts of damage. Similar to the Berserkers, the Spined Threshers feature a white march one modifier, granting them greater mobility than many other siege units in the game. Their demonic presence also strikes fear into the heart of any mortal they face in battle. When participating in a melee, the Spined Threshers may pair their attack with a red modifier that not only provides a bonus hit, but a morale icon as well.

A skilled tactician commanding these scuttling horrors can make even seemingly simple upgrades deadly. The Uthuk Y’llan Army Expansion includes the Bull Pennon upgrade, which can be used with any army faction and equips the paired unit with the Impact 1 keyword. When a unit charging under the Bull Pennon collides with an enemy unit, that unit receives one panic token. This is particularly deadly when used alongside the Spined Threshers who feed off the fear of their enemies. During a melee, if the defender has a panic token, the player commanding the Spined Threshers may reroll a die. Considering that these demons roll two heavy hitting red dice when attacking, this bonus roll can practically ensure that the Uthuk’s siege unit will wreak havoc on all who stand against them.

Command the Ynfernael

Call forth the powers of darkness. Bend the demons of the Ynfernael to your will and destroy all who would dare defy you!

Pre-order the Uthuk Y’llan Army Expansion (RWM22) at your local retailer or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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The Labyrinths of Lunacy

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Published 20 October 2017 | Arkham Horror: The Card Game

The Labyrinths of Lunacy

A Terrifying Standalone Scenario for Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Think of this as a test of human will…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that you will soon be able to get your hands on The Labyrinths of Lunacy scenario for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

In The Labyrinths of Lunacy, you and your fellow investigators wake to find yourselves gathered in a strange place, with no memory of how you arrived. Your muscles are weak and uncooperative. Your vision is blurred. Simply rising to your feet takes a tremendous effort. Your legs are wobbly and can barely support your weight.

With this unique, 80-card standalone scenario, you become the prisoner of a mysterious mastermind, forced to take part in his cruel experiments. To escape, you and your fellow investigators will need to work together. You'll need to piece together the clues to solve your captor's twisted riddles. And you'll need to hurry—you aren't alone in this prison…

You can pre-order The Labyrinths of Lunacy at your local retailer or online through our website! Then, read on for more information.

Not Your Average Nightmare

Unlike previous standalone scenarios, Curse of the Rougarou and Carnevale of Horrors, The Labyrinths of Lunacy cannot be played as a side quest in your larger campaign, but it offers a tremendous range of play experiences, nonetheless.

Designed to accommodate as many as three separate groups of investigators, The Labyrinths of Lunacy introduces a massive Epic Multiplayer Mode that allows you to share your terrors with up to eleven other investigators. And while each group deals with its challenges separately, your successes or failures will impact the other groups—as will cards like Paradox Effect (The Labyrinths of Lunacy, 59) which create unique interactions between groups.

Meanwhile, the scenario is also playable a single group of investigators. The Labyrinths of Lunacy comes with three encounter sets—one for the Epic Multiplayer Mode, one for use with a single group of investigators, and one for use in either format. Even in a single group, then, you'll be able to experience all the paranoia and dread that come with navigating a prison full of Traps like Blood and Rust (The Labyrinths of Lunacy, 58), and there are even rules that allow you to play through the adventure as a mini-campaign of three scenarios.

For more about the scenario, we turn to the depraved soul behind it, designer Matt Newman.

Matt Newman on Your Entry into The Labyrinths of Lunacy

I am very excited for the upcoming release of The Labyrinths of Lunacy. This scenario is the culmination of many weeks of development, extensive playtesting, and direction from our art team. We designed it for the special The Labyrinths of Lunacy events that we ran at Gen Con 50, but it has so much to offer that I'm glad it's going to see this wider release. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

As you may be aware, the scenario made its debut in Indianapolis at Gen Con 50 where forty-nine groups of investigators participated in the events we ran throughout the course of the weekend. It was an absolute blast to watch these players—sometimes complete strangers from different corners of the world—working together to escape the labyrinths. With a clock ticking away and pressuring their every move in real-time, more than 180 investigators were taken captive. Only sixty-nine learned the innermost secrets of the labyrinths, defeated their captor once and for all, and escaped. Even among the fallen, however, we saw many tales of courage, luck, sacrifice, and even betrayal. Most of all, we saw investigators having tons of fun trying to figure out how to escape and survive!

Soon, you will be able to run your own The Labyrinths of Lunacy event. But if you don’t have enough players to play through The Labyrinths of Lunacy in its full Epic Multiplayer Mode, worry not! We're offering this scenario with rules and a separate encounter set that allow you to play it with one group of one to four investigators. You can even run The Labyrinths of Lunacy as its own mini-campaign of three separate games, to simulate the experience of Epic Multiplayer Mode. Finally, it also comes with its own optional variant, “The Shifting Labyrinths,” to add even more replayability to the scenario!

All told, this is the most elaborate scenario we’ve ever made for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and it’s very special to me. I’m excited to hear more tales from the Arkham LCG community when it releases!

Will You Escape?

Are you quick witted and resourceful enough to escape The Labyrinths of Lunacy? Are you brave enough to confront the cruel mastermind who designed the prison? Are you strong enough to survive the strange and shadowy creatures whose howls you hear echoing through the distant halls?

You'll be able to test your wits and will soon enough. Your abduction begins when The Labyrinths of Lunacy releases late in the fourth quarter of 2017!

Head to your local retailer to pre-order your copy of The Labyrinths of Lunacy (AHC18), or place your pre-order on the Fantasy Flight Games website here.

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