(Chaos in the Old World) The Horned Rat Rises

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Eingefügtes Bild Published 12 May 2011 | Chaos in the Old World
The Horned Rat Rises
The Rules for The Horned Rat Are Now in the Support Section

Even as verminous hordes of vile Skaven enter the fight for supremacy of the Old World, all hope is not lost. Countless men and women struggle daily against the forces of Chaos, and a chosen few even rise as heroes to combat its agents directly. Moreover, the mysterious winds of fate may take a hand in foiling the plans of the dark gods, bringing welcome relief to the beleaguered inhabitants of the Empire. With luck and tenacity, the masses might stymy the will of the Ruinous Powers altogether, earning a well-deserved, if temporary, respite.

/media/ffg_content/chaos_in_the_old_world/horned-rat/HornedRat_rules_english_web-1.pngThe Horned Rat, the upcoming expansion to Chaos in the Old World, will be on store shelves soon – making now the perfect time to reserve your copy at your friendly local game store! So far, we’ve seen a brief overview of the Horned Rat’s dial and strategy, and we saw how the alternate Morrslieb Set will bring new strategies to Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch, and Slaanesh.

Prepare yourself for the coming conflict; the rules for The Horned Rat (pdf, 348 KB) are now available in the support section. In addition, keep reading for a sneak peek at the new Expert Old World Cards, an optional variant that adds new challenges to the struggle for supremacy!

Realm of Chaos
Players looking to increase the challenge of dominating the Old World can use the new “Expert-level Old World” cards in one of two ways. First, you might simply shuffle these nine cards into your existing supply of 28 Old World cards, then draw your game’s Old World deck as usual (the card backs are identical to ensure randomization). This will result in few, if any, Expert-level Old World cards entering a given game.

The second option, called the Realm of Chaos Variant, will tests the limits of your sanity as a constant barrage of brutal game-changing events are drawn each and every turn. In this variant, the Old World deck is built exclusively of Expert-level cards, resulting in an experience in which the Old World will quite likely stand victorious over the players!

Three of the Expert-level Old World Cards. Click to enlarge.Visit your favorite retailer to place your pre-order today, and keep checking back for more on The Horned Rat!

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